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Teacher Dan

     My name is Daniel, but I prefer it when others call me Dan. I am a full time teacher at NDI.
     Aside from work I would consider myself to be “otaku” which is Japanese for “house boy” or “somebody who often stays at home”, in English we often say “loser” or “geek”. 
     I live with my younger brother and my three beautiful kittens. When I am not teaching, you can often find me in the pub having a beer, watching the football on TV, chatting to my friends and talking about the days as they pass on by. 
     I have been working for the company for almost four years now.
     Working at NDI has been a huge honour and pleasure for me .Over the past years I have accumulated a whole bunch of interesting students and moments. 
     I can recall in one class, the topic was ‘dancing’, where I was listing several different types of dance upon the white board: hip-hop,Latin, salsa, break-dancing. As soon as I wrote “break-dancing” a student stood up in my class and started to dance!      
     It was an absolutely amazing experience and I greatly respected his courage to just get up and show the class what he could do. He then offered to teach me some really basic break-dancing moves, but I was a little scared that I would get my suit dirty.Besides,I would probably break my back! Maybe next time!
     Well, take care guys, I truly hope I have the pleasure one day, to meet you all. If you ever see me about, please feel free to chat with me, it will make me more than happy.
     I have learnt many a thing whilst living in China and I have also brought with me a various amount of skills that I can apply to my teaching job. For example, my main strength that I developed from studying Drama at university is my ability to improvise, or to think and say something immediately without having to prepare, plan or think. This has proven to be particularly useful as an English teacher as students often have questions and information that I have not prepared for.
In addition to all of this, I often try my best to do exercises during class that help to improve a student’s ability to improvise, whether it be for English or their daily life; its great fun and an extremely useful skill to have.
Teacher Kris
     Hi, my name’s Kris. I’m a teacher at NDI.
     I come from a city in the middle of England called Nottingham (not to be confused with Notting Hill). Nottingham is famous for the hero, Robin Hood and also for its international university which has campuses in Malaysia and NingBo.
     I’m learning a foreign language too, just like yourselves, so I know how important it is to be in the right environment, which is one of the reasons I decided to work here.  
     You will often find me wandering around the school networking with the students, so don’t hesitate to come over and have a chat with me!
     I have been living in Xian for 4 years, which I now proudly call home. I have been working for NDI for almost four years now. I plan to spend most of my life here in little old Xian but perhaps retire somewhere near the sea.
     The environment here is very relaxed, full of English speakers and perfect for someone to learn and improve their English in a short period of time.
Teacher Lucas
     Hello, my name is Lucas and my Chinese name is卢卡斯. I am a native Australian and I graduated from Sydney University. 
     I am optimistic, outgoing and crazy. About my hobbies, I am fond of model-planes, motorbike and cute girls. Of course, I am good at talking, communicating as well as discussing movies.
     In my free time and during my weekends, I like painting and decorating houses, gardening socializing as well as short-trips on motorbike. 
     By doing these activities, I can open and change my outlook in a positive way. I really like doing activities.
     For example, I used to have difficulties in learning Chinese.I was listening Chinese by myself first, and then went out to communicate with the people who were in Xintai Garden (I am living there). I talked with them by using facial expressions and body language to make them understand me. Then let them find my mistakes and gave me some suggestions. In addition, I asked help from friends around me. 
     One of my friends recommended me NDI. They told me that NDI needed a foreign teacher, and so I came here and tried. The happy and lucky thing was that I succeeded.
     In the process of teaching English in NDI, I met a student who was very funny. He works in Chinese Air Force. As you know, I like plane very much and in some degree I really appreciate his work.
     Teaching both Business English and Oral English is my found passion for which I hope to do for many years to come. So I say to all new students “Welcome” and please remember these three words,” Confident, Motivation, Opportunity”.
     Everyone can speak a foreign language. All of you have the ability to learn English well. Language is a skill. Practice makes perfect. You need to learn in an effective way, which is Preview-Understand-Focused Practice- Practice- Review -Intermittent Review.
     I really like the work here, because I am pleased to pass my knowledge on the lovely students in NDI. I have made many friends here. The work has been enriching my life.
Teacher Simon
     Hi, my name is Simon and I am from Birmingham, English.
     People would describe me as friendly, out-going and maybe a little crazy!My hobbies include listening to music and reading and writing novels.
     I used to work as an artist and often use my drawing skills in class as a teaching tool.Another skill I make use of id body language as I used to be an armature actor back home. Sometimes, the use of body language helps students to understand and learn new words easily. Plus the students enjoy it very much and often sat I am a great actor!
     The first time I came to china was in 2006 take part in a charity walk along the Great Wall for a week! After 3 days I suffered from very bad blisters, due to my walking boots being too fight and the walk along the wall being very difficult! I managed to finish the challenge through and the achievement is one that I will never forget.
     I joined NDI full time in July 2010. I was looking for a new career path in teaching and thought NDI was the perfect place!
     I always have fun in my classes. I really enjoy teaching at NDI. The students here are kind, friendly and keen to learn and have fun at the same time. I believe a happy student is one that will learn faster.
     My advice to all students is this: don’t be too afraid to make mistakes.
     Never stop talking,
     Be confident and have fun learning!
     Listening to English music and watching movies is also an excellent way to improve students’English.
     I enjoy working at NDI so much, and thank everyone for making me feel so welcome. I am very proud to see students improving in my classes .well done to all of you!






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